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Gala a.s. is the sole European manufacturer of top-tier volleyballs, handball balls and footballtennis balls. It is also a supplier of beach volleyballs, basketballs, footballs and other sports balls designed for professional, performance and recreational sports. Their high quality is verified by FIVB and FIBA international federation certifications.

Our balls are tested against required technical parameters at our company laboratory, and subsequently put to the ultimate test by professional players at competitions. Tested parameters include weight, circumference, roundness, rebound, weight, water absorption, pressure loss, shape consistency, mass symmetry, and simulated wear.

When creating a new ball, we are flexible and quickly adapt to new technology and market requirements. Our advantages are our long-term experience and modern machines.

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in using our products directly, offering them in your store, or would like balls with your own logo, please contact our sales department who will be happy to advise you.


Sports Accessories

Gala offers a range of sports accessories primerily for ball sports.

Bag for 6 balls - KS0473

Bag for 4 balls - KS1711

Bag for 15 balls - KS0200

Small bag 40 l - KS02010

Trolley for balls - XX4100

  • dimensions: 63x63x100 cm

Volleyball net profi - XX08009

  • dimensions : 9,5 x 1 m
  • fiber strength : 3 mm

Volleyball net training - XX09009

  • dimensions : 9,5 x 1m
  • fiber strength : 3 mm
  • black

Net antennas - XX12010

  • 1 pair

Kneepads - XX26002

  • available in sizes : S,M,L,XL

Compressor - XX0402

Ball pump metallic - XX1100

  • Needle not included.

Double-action plastic pump - XX11022

  • Pump including needle individually packaged in PVC case.

Pressure gauge - XX0500

Whistle classic - XX003

  • 90 dB

Score register - XX98003

Keyring - XX30001 (Volleyball), XX30002 (Basketball)

Promo balls - BR0093S (Volleyball), BB1041R (Basketball), BR0033S (Football), BR0103S (Beachball)

  • Diameter 11cm


Industrial Manufacturing

Gala a.s. has been a renowned brand since 1949 and holds a number of quality certifications. Quality, fitness-for-purpose, innovation, cutting-edge technology and, last but not least, its own research, development, production and testing facitilies: these are the factors characterise the company and its products.

Gala’s production is orientated towards large-quantity orders for the domestic and international markets, primarily in the following categories:

  • backpacks and bags
  • garden equipment harnesses
  • rescue service harnesses
  • child carriers
  • punch bags

All our products fulfill international quality standards, strict environmental standards and the highest user requirements for reliability, functionality and high quality workmanship for a reasonable price. Raw materials are thoroughly inspected and load-bearing parts of the finished products are subjected to demanding testing in the company’s laboratory.

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in the development and production of products according to your requirements, please contact our sales department, who will be happy to provide you with competent advice.

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