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​Gala scores again in circular economy


Environmentally sound recycling of old sports balls.

Not only in production of balls we protect nature and reduce burdening of environment and working environment with dangerous substances by using water-based glues and environmentally-friendly materials. In all of our activities we comply with all legal obligations in the sphere of waste management and advocate precautionary approach, particularly in reduction of generated waste and its hazardous properties that could have a negative environmental effect. We aim to maximise use of generated waste, separate individual materials and contribute to their reuse and recycling.

Now we are implementing the new system of take-back of balls that builds on the principle of individual producer responsibility to provide end-of-life management of products. Old, unused or damaged sports balls will be recycled and used for further production.

Would you like to reduce the volume of waste landfilled? Would you like to reduce your ecological footprint? You can return used balls to individual sellers or send them by post to:
Gala a.s.
Západní 1/75
797 32 Prostějov

Old balls are not waste, they deserve recycling!

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