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Permanent exhibition of products brightened up company's entrance hall


New installation in the entrance hall that shows plant’s history and presence through archive photographs and exhibition of products recalls the period of seventy years elapsed from the company establishment.

There are not many truly historical exhibits extant that is why Ing. Rostislav Franek and Alena Grmelová presented the items in such a way that they can speak for themselves and there is no need to see them as an attempt to mediate the history of a particular institution. And it seems to be not only a medium of message and a mean of communication with visitors. For many people these are memories encoded in their souls. Remembrances of items that were conquering the world and that are able, even many years later, to glow with their elegance, scent and warmth of creative Gala bagmen’s hands.

Permanent exhibition 1

Permanent exhibition 2 Permanent exhibition 3 Permanent exhibition 4 Permanent exhibition 5