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Exceptionally high technical features of Gala balls have been confirmed by the new record achieved by Bursas Charalambos, the legendary ball-juggler.


On 8th May, Bursas Charalambos, ball-juggler and world record holder, successfully accomplished another attempt in sports hall in Janová. As soon as twenty-five minutes before reaching the three-hour time limit, he broke his last year result. Finally he kept the balls on his head for 2 hours and 29 minutes of pure time.

He had been training hard for this respectable accomplishment since February. “You cannot do without training. Sit-ups, squats, you must accelerate your body. You announce the attempt for breaking a record in advance and you must endure training for three months,” the ball mage explains and he holds a custom-made ball in his hand. “It is a special ball made by Gala in Prostějov. It is coated with special leather. During the attempt I was alternating it with a smaller one, with which it is more difficult,” sixty-seven year old athlete admits.

Author: Martin Mrlina

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